Camiel is a guitar player, producer and arranger who created his personal sound by combining elements of jazz, soul and Brazilian music in fresh and unexpected ways. In 2001 he decided, after years of making a living as a sideman, it was time to take the lead and build his own musical world. He got signed by producer Gregor Salto (G-Rex Music) who gave him complete artistic freedom. With the help of vocalists such as Forrest Thomas and Brenda Edwards, now a well known singer/actress on London’s West End, his albums Sunset (2001) and On a day like this (2005) became very successful around the world. This let to a US tour in 2005 with headlining the Catalina island jazz festival as a highlight. Over the years, the songs, especially the ones sung by Claudette, also appeared on numerous compilation albums such as the 25th Anniversary edition of Caf√© del Mar.

Soon after meeting the Portuguese singer Magda Mendes, Camiel felt his third album had to be very different from the first two. With a shared love for Brazilian music they started writing personal, acoustic songs together. While working on the new album for about three years Camiel wanted to dig deeper into the Brazilian tradition and started listening to old choros and tangos. As a tribute to Ernesto Nazareth, one of the godfathers of Brazilian music, Camiel arranged two of Nazareth’s famous classics. He also learned to play the Cavaquinho and the Mandolin and for the song Segredo he played Berimbau.¬†Although Camiel played most of the instruments himself, the contributions of the other musicians were very important. Udo Demandt was responsible for most of the percussion grooves. Harpist Astrid Haring added an impressionistic flavour to many of the songs. Finally The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, known for the soundtracks of movies like ‘Das Leben der Anderen’, ‘Mulholland Dr.’ and ‘Lost Highway’, gave Camiel’s arrangements a cinematic flavour, reminiscent of recordings by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

In 2013, after eight years of hard work, the album is finally ready. Listen to a collection of songs not only about the desire to see what is behind the horizon but also about how displaced you can feel once you passed this line that until then had felt like the end of the world, como Finisterra