On a day like this is a 14-track release by nu-jazz producer and musician Camiel and includes “Trying To Get To You,” “Nevada,” and “On A Day Like This.” Camiel’s second album from Europe. The nu-Jazz producer and guitar player released his first album “Sunset” in 2002, setting a new standard in the international nu-jazz scene. Tracks from the album were used on several compilations from all over the world. After a U.S. release, Camiel has proven to be a favorite on American jazz radio programs. This album again is a collection of high class Soul, Latin and Jazz flavoured songs. Some of the songs remind one of Quincy Jones’ productions in the early eighties, others are indispensable nu-jazz and modern mixes in various styles. The album also includes the song “Take Me To This Place” which also appears on the “Cafe del Mar 25 Aniversario”.

Supreme Relaxation Lounge
by Rendimaza

Smooth lounge music for those who are searching. Camiel has made excellent jazz lounge fusion music with a hint of latin flavoring…. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a music lover.

Take Me to This Place – and fast
by Mars

This is the runner-up album to Camiel’s ‘Sunset’ album. If you are new to Camiel, check out ‘Sunset’ first. Download ‘El Alba’ and ‘You can Stay’ and read my preview for that album. THEN purchase ‘Take Me to This Place’ and you’ll get a good idea what Camiel is all about. Can’t wait for the new Camiel album.


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